2022 League Softball

All sessions are 6 consecutive weeks; 6 games guaranteed for Single Header teams and 12 games for Double Header teams.

You pick the night of the week your team wants to play, and you'll play that same night each week for a 6 week session. 


Pricing per team: $250/Single Header -or- $500/Double Header

All of the following start dates are tentative and weather permitting:

Session 1 - Starts the week of March 21st, with online registration due by 3/13/2022.

Session 2 - Starts the week of May 16th, with online registration due by 5/8/2022. 

Session 3 - Starts the week of July 25th, with online registration due by 7/17/2022.

The dates listed above are subject to change due to weather cancellations and make-up games, please call or text 417-720-3617 with any questions regarding start dates.


Games are 55 minutes or 7 innings, whichever comes first and innings started will be played out. 


A current team Roster must be submitted for each team, each session.   Roster forms available HERE.


Start times are 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 & 9:30pm and possibly 10:30pm for Summer Sessions only.  Teams have 10 minutes from clock start to field a team or it will be considered a forfeit and the game may still be played depending on number of players lacking.

Only ‘Summers at the River’ approved balls are allowed in game play.  This includes any USSSA or NSA sanctioned ball with a compression of 400 or less. Men must use 12" softballs, Women will need 11" softballs; and yes, coed teams will need both.


Bats must be stamped by ANY Softball Association: USSSA, NSA, ASA, or the All-Association Stamp.


Each batter starts with a 1 and 1 count.

Mens League:  Requires a minimum of 10 men to field a team.  May have 12 in batting line-up.


Coed League:  Requires 5 men/5 women minimum.  Fielders must be comprised of 5 men/5 women. Game will be played regardless of available players' sex, but the team not meeting these guidelines will be marked as a forfeit. You are allowed to bat 12 people total per game, with the additional 2 people being of either sex.  Batting line-up must rotate man/woman regardless of how many you have of each.

If a male batter is walked he goes to 2nd base and the female behind him has the option to also walk or bat.

Flip Flop Rule: In the event that the Visitor team is up by an amount that would result in a run-rule, the Home team becomes the Visitor.

Run Rule:  20 Runs after 3 innings; 15 Runs after 4 innings, 10 Runs after 5 innings.

Home Run Rule:  3 and 1 up.  Each team can hit up to 3 home runs.  If both teams have hit an equal number of 3 or more, then teams can hit a subsequent Home Run.  Otherwise that HR is counted as an out.

1/2 Point Rule:  Visitor team starts the game with 1/2 point to avoid ties in the final inning or when the clock runs out.

Schedules (and team standings):

Can be found under the Adult Softball tab in the above menu bar. Please do not print-off schedules as they are subject to change. 

We make no scheduling changes within 24 hours of a game without direct contact with team captain.



If you know your team will be unable to make a game, call or text 417-720-3617 on or before noon of the day of your game. 

**Any forfeits after 2pm day of your game will be considered a “no call/no show” and will count as a loss for your team** 

A “no-call/no-show” for 2 consecutive weeks will result in your team being removed from the remaining scheduled games. We will do our best to work around forfeits and help find a team to fill in your spot provided you give us enough warning.  Please be respectful to your competition by giving us the opportunity to find replacement teams.


Weather Cancellations: 

All games canceled due to weather will be added to the end of the remaining session schedule or added as an additional game on the registered night of play.

We will post a rain-out alert as soon as it is determined that the fields are not playable. 

Rain-out notifications are added the the RAIN-OUT NOTIFICATIONS group on Facebook.

You can also click on the button at the top of our homepage to be directed to the RAIN-OUT NOTIFICATION group or contact your team captain for further instruction.


*All pricing includes sales tax.

*Park admission on league nights is $3 per adult player and spectator, $1 per child 12 & under.

*Park Admission for tournaments may be $5 per adult and $2 per non-playing child.

*No coolers are allowed inside the park.

*No outside foods or beverages are allowed inside the park. 

*Any prohibited items will be confiscated.

*No pets are allowed.  Please leave them at home rather than in your car.

*Children are welcome to spectate, but must be accompanied by a non-playing adult at all times.