• USSSA Rules

  • Any ball with a max compression of 400 is allowed

  • Every batter starts with 1-1 count

  • No courtesy foul

  • 55 Minute game times

  • HR's:  3 and 1 up for Men's;  2 and 1 up for Coed (see below for DHH info)

  • Girls can be any class

  • Each team is allowed 1 courtesy runner per inning 

  • Courtesy runner must be a same sex replacement.  If the courtesy runner comes up to bat while on base, it’s counted as an out  

  • Coed batting order must have females spaced out evenly between males; with a max of 3 males between each female 

  • If a Coed guy gets walked in front of a girl the guy goes to 2nd and the girl goes to 1st putting another guy up to bat.  This walk to second is only applicable when there is a girl following in the batting order.  Girl can choose to bat if she wants.

  • Once the tourney has stared, pick-up players (of the same or lower class) from other teams are only allowed if a player is injured and can’t continue resulting in fewer than 10 players left to play.

  • DHH - Men’s teams have the option to purchase 1 "Designated Homerun Hitter" wrist-band per team for and additional $20.  This person can hit unlimited HR’s without them counting towards the 2HR limit.  If the DHH is walked, then the next HR hit will not count towards the HR limit until the DHH's next at bat.  

  • The goal is to keep Mens and Coed separate & Upper and Lower separate; but when they do need to be combined to prevent cancellation then the below equalizers will apply.

EQUALIZER RULES: if applicable (see above)

  • 3 equalizer runs per difference in girl

  • 1 equalizer run per difference in guy

  • Girl must play offense & defense to earn equalizer runs (unless injury occurs)

  • If an upper team plays a lower team = 3 runs per difference in upper guy.

  • A or AA player = 5 equalizer runs for the opposing team

ER's are totaled before the start of the game and then split evenly over 7 innings, whether or not the game is played through the 7th inning.  


  • If a 7-3 team plays an 8-3 team, the 7-3 team will start out with 1 run.

  • An upper team has 4 upper guys, but the lower has 0, the team with 0 upper guys will start out with 12 equalizer runs given out as evenly as possible over 7 innings.

  • An ALL LOWER Mens team playing an ALL UPPER Mens team will be given 21 EQ runs max split into 3 EQ runs per inning.  

  • An ALL LOWER Coed team playing an ALL UPPER Mens team is allowed 28 EQ runs max split into 4 runs allowed per inning.


The target start and end times for tournaments are as follows.  This is for short reference only and may change due to weather or other circumstances.

6 teams – 10am start, 5pm last game                     8 teams – 10am start, 6pm last game

  10-12 teams – 10am start, 7pm last game             14+ teams – 9am start, 7pm last game



Upper Player - any player who has played more than 1 USSSA D level (or higher) tourney in the last 4 years.

Lower Team – any Coed team with no more than 3 Upper players

                              -any Mens team with no more than 4 Upper players.

COED Team – any team with 3 or more female players.  Can have up to 12 total players.